The Story

Suzy Wong


The Amsterdam nightlife hotspot Suzy Wong has been inspired by the 1957 novel ‘The World of Suzie Wong by Richard Mason in which lead character Robert Lomax, a young Englishman working in an office, decides to pursue a new career as an artist in Hong Kong. He checks into the Nam Kok Hotel, not realizing that it is an unofficial brothel. This discovery only makes the hotel more charming in Lomax’s opinion and a better source of inspiration for his paintings. He quickly befriends most of the hotel’s bargirls but is most fascinated by the archetypal “entertainment lady with a heart of gold”, Suzie Wong. Lomax originally decides that he will not sleep with any of the girls but it soon emerges that Suzie Wong is interested in him, not as a customer but as a serious boyfriend. Although Suzie Wong becomes the kept woman of two other men, Lomax and Wong are eventually reunited.


The interior of Suzy Wong is designed by Eric Kuster of interior stuff from Laren, The Netherlands. Eric Kuster is a well-known interior designer who decorates both private and public surroundings all over the world. In Amsterdam he is stylist of amongst Arc, Club IT, Jimmy Woo and PC Café. The elegant and sensuous surroundings evoke the glamour eroticism of the Moulin Rouge. Modern American, oriental and traditional colonial French elements are combined to form a unique and sultry mingle of styles. The cinematic influenced nightclub-like atmosphere of Suzy Wong is highlighted by the use of unique French damask, by the screen of bamboo plants and by the rubber bar. Exotic accents flow out of the antique Chinese lamps and gold-braided leather. The mirrored ceiling and the photographs by Patricia Steur creates a both intimate and mildly provocative setting.